Job Search? Taxes? Budget? Your Guide to the Real World

Are you living on your own for the first time?  Are you looking for your first real job?  It’s a good feeling, but it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Maybe you’re just out of college and trying to figure out your student loans.  Or maybe you’re trying to figure out what all of […]

Buying or Leasing a Car? This Guide is for You!

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? What can you afford? Should you buy or lease? What does your credit score qualify you for? Do you know the tips and tricks on getting a good deal? Do you understand the details of auto insurance like what kind of coverage you need and what […]

Moving Out? Learn the Ins and Outs of Renting

When you’re looking for a place to rent, there’s more to worry about than finding a place and moving in. Do you understand rental agreements? Do you know what the rights and responsibilities of a tenant and landlord? Have you considered purchasing renters insurance? It’s very affordable and it’s certainly cheaper than what it would […]

What is Your Risk Tolerance? Learn Before Investing

Are you willing to take risks when investing or do you prefer to play it safe? An essential part of managing your finances and building a successful investment strategy is understanding your risk tolerance. Knowing your level of risk aversion is extremely helpful whether you decide to invest or plan retirement on your own, with […]

Math & Money: Financial Literacy for Kids (Age: Middle School)

Math and Money is a financial literacy program for kids grades 6-8 that teaches money management through budgeting and saving. The program compliments lessons learned in the classroom based on NCTM standards (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Program materials include online lessons, printable worksheets and two bonus lessons on graphing and investing. Lesson 1: […]

Quest for Money: Budget & Savings Game (Age: Middle/High School)

Quest for Money is a fun game developed by and Scholastic that teaches young people to manage their money and achieve financial goals through budgeting and saving. Games are a great way to make learning fun.  The lessons taught in this game are extremely valuable to young people and will help build good financial […]

Gen i Revolution: Online Personal Finance Game (Age: Middle/High School)

During middle school and high school we are often first exposed to making, managing and spending money.  Development of financial skills during these years is crucial and will significantly contribute to habits that will stick around the rest of our lives.  The goal of this online personal finance game is to teach important personal finance […]